Parents and larvae obtain clear individuals of path from reliable shop or breeder .


Nose YG :From Mr.yasukong

KURUME:Shop Matsunio Insect 


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Recent report

2018 Eclosion Individual

2019 YG LINE

YG 2019-1 (853 IN LINE) 853Cumulative generation♂84.5mm×♀54.0mm

YG 2019-2 (847 IN LINE) 847Cumulative generation♂86.1mm×♀54.0mm

YG 2019-3 (866 IN LINE)  866Cumulative generation♂84.2mm×♀54.0mm

YG 2019koko(858 IN LINE) 858Cumulative generation♂85.3mm×♀54.0mm


2018 YG

YG 2018-1  (853 IN LINE)      853Cumulative generation♂×♀51.0mm

YG 2018-2  (847 IN LINE)      847Cumulative generation♂85.3mm×♀52.0mm

YG 2018-3  (866 IN LINE)  866Cumulative generation♂84.0mm×♀53.0mm

YG 2018koko(858 IN LINE)  858Cumulative generation♂83.5mm×♀51.0mm


2019-KU kaz  :♂83.8㎜×♀53㎜   

2019-KU koko:♂84.5㎜×♀53.0㎜


2018-KU kaz  :♂85.0㎜×♀53.5㎜   

2018-KU koko:♂84.8㎜×♀54.0㎜


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* It's transcribed in the top inside last ten days about an eclosion day.